Digital Toolkit

The Digital Toolkit includes e-commerce & online communication tools to help your business sell online and stay connected to your community.


The digital world is more competitive than ever, and marketing has evolved well beyond TV and newspaper ad spots. Social media, reputation, digital advertising—how do you beat out the competition and grow your client base?

E-Commerce Website

An easy-to-design, no code website give you the freedom to create, design, and manage your online business by taking secure payments.

Social Media Marketing

Communicate the messages that matter with your community. Post on Facebook and Google My Business instantly or schedule them for later

Reputation & Reviews

Improve your businesses online image by monitoring and managing reviews and responding quickly to comments and concerns.


Customer Voice

Easily send email invitations for a meeting requests through the two most popular communication platforms—Google Meet and Zoom.

Online Presence & SEO

Keep your business details up to date and in-sync on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with options to sync to many others

Advertising Intelligence

Automated analytics at your fingertips, pulling your campaigns data straight from both Facebook and Google, for you to assess in seconds.

Website & Hosting

Now more than ever, your customers are shopping online. Your website is one of your biggest assets and should work as hard as you do.

We’ve teamed up with WooCommerce to provide easy-to-use eCommerce. With one click, the website is ready to go. Get secure payments, configurable shipping options, and more, out of the box. 

Create a digital store with a few simple clicks. Don’t know where to start? Begin by adding a gift card as your first product. 

And there’s a variety of pre-populated templates for every industry—retail, home services, education, health, fitness and more. 

Customer Voice

Easily gather reviews to grow business.

More reviews equal more traffic through the doors! With Customer Voice, you can gather authentic reviews via email or text on the sites that matter most, to grow customer loyalty and boost sales.

  • – Collect more authentic customer reviews.
  • – Reach your customers any way you want through email and SMS
  • – Customise everything to fit your brand indentity
  • – Boost your ranking on Google to #1 and show all of your positive reviews
  • – Get more reviews to build brand trust where shoppers are spending their time

Grow your reach. Grow your sales. Grow your business.

Reputation & Reviews

Monitor, manage and improve your online reputation

Improve how your business looks online by monitoring and managing online reviews and responding quickly to customer comments and concerns.

  • – Be found everywhere customers are searching
  • – Manage all your reviews from one place
  • – Track every conversation across the web.
  • – See how you stack up to the competition 

Plus, robust reporting that allows you to monitor the reach and engagement of your posts across all networks.

Online Presence

Be found in local search, keep customers updated, and own your listing information.

Manage how your business shows up everywhere people are searching, with a central source of truth for business information.

  • – Rank higher and get found in search
  • – Own your listings, don’t rent them
  • – Update your customers in real-time
  • – Keep your base business data accurate
  • – Instantly update listings

Keep business hours, address and available services up to date and in-sync on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with options to sync to many more places across the web.

Business Online Toolkit

Grow your reach. Grow your sales. Grow your business.

Social Media Marketing

A social media management tool built to help you to elevate your social strategy.

Communicate the messages that matter with your community and customers. Post on Facebook and Google My Business instantly or schedule them for a later day.

To make posting even easier, there’s a variety of post templates that can easily be edited and published.

Plus, robust reporting that allows you to monitor the reach and engagement of your posts across all networks.

Advertising Intelligence 

Bring your PPC ad campaigns from multiple platforms under one roof for easy comparison. Get the metrics that matter the most, automate reporting, and find out what’s making you money. 

Advertising Intelligence gives you one place to track and analyse multiple PPC ad campaigns from different ad platforms, for both multi-location and single-location businesses. Google Ads search and display ads, YouTube video ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and more.

Automated Analytics

Powerful Reporting Dashboard for Your Online Marketing

Understand how your business is performing online, with automated, easy-to-understand analytics and insights that are emailed weekly.

 Get Reputation, Listings, Social Media, Website Traffic, Advertising and SEO in just one report monthly.

Executive Report shows business listing accuracy


Are you listed accurately on search engines, directories, apps, and GPS?

Executive Report shows data from connected apps like Listing Builder and Google My Business to see:

  • Accuracy of sites you’re listed on
  • Progress of listing accuracy over time
  • Where buyers and potential customers are searching for your business online

Ensuring accurate listings is ‘step one’ to increasing customer traffic.

Clearly identify gaps in your online presence and help your customers find you online.

Show clients data on their online reputation in Executive Report


How are people rating your businesses online?

Executive Report displays data from Reputation Management and Customer Voice, and to show your clients:

  • Average review star rating from all of the most important sources online
  • Most recent reviews
  • Trending themes in reviewer comments
  • Progression of star rating over time

A good first impression establishes trust and earns you more customers.

We want to help generate more business with fresh reviews and a 4-5 star rating.

Executive Report tracks metrics related to your clients’ social media presence


Are you engaging with your community & customers online?

Executive Report uses data from Social Marketing, Facebook and Twitter to show you a progression of the number of people who:

  • Follow your social media profiles
  • See your posts
  • Engage with your online content

A social media presence builds trust and brand loyalty to drive sales.

Let data bring awareness to the importance of social media and its effects on your bottom lines.

Show clients insight into their website performance with Executive Report


Is your website attracting potential customers?

Executive Report gathers data from Website Pro to show:

    • How people are finding your site
    • Insights into their time spent on your website
    • Number of new visits in the current period

Your website can make or break a visitor’s buying decision.

Discover ways to improve your website and convert more visitors into paying customers.

Executive Report reveals online advertising opportunities for your clients


Are you clients reaching your target market?

Executive Report displays live performance data from Advertising Intelligence, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and includes:

  • Conversion and conversion types
  • Return on investment
  • Impressions and clicks

Paid advertising is often the first point of contact a customer has with a business.

Pinpoint what’s earning you money and uncover opportunities for more effective advertising.

Executive Report shows your clients SEO ranking and top keywords


Are your clients showing up first everywhere people are searching?

Executive Report displays data from SEO Network to show:

  • Top 10 keywords
  • Spots moved over a period of time

Ensure potential customers are finding and trusting you before your competitors.

Turn the spotlight to SEO to identify keywords and strategies that will help you climb to the top spot.

Client Portal

You will receive a single login to access all of your  digital tools, apps and services in one place. 

Automated Reporting

An automatic weekly or monthly email shows short-term changes and long-term trends in your digital footprint with data from integrated Marketplace products including reviews, listings, advertising, website analytics, and email campaigns. 

Multi-Location Business Center

Through Multi-Location Business Center, you receive an overview of the digital marketing metrics across multiple business locations. Monitor the online activity, including insights on Reviews and Listings 

Pricing made simple

The Pro option is the most popular for businesses wanting to scale. You can purchase individual Pro packages for an addition £30 each if you do not want all-pro features – however if you would like 2 or more it is better value for money on the pro. You can cancel at any time.

About FOSS.Digital

We started FOSS.Digital to give local business the tools that are needed to get started and grow online, without the big agency price tag